Nov 28, 2010

Actual video of St. Pio

If video fails, go to

Allen West could save America from defeat and conquest by jihadism by opposing Obama & State

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Seen at motel during recent Muslim festival of Haj

Why was this sign even needed?

A man made religion? The profit of the false prophet.

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It looks like this Revelation has too much vested interests.  I thought spiritual people were dettached from material wealth and carnal pleasures but not this one apparently.

Koran & Sunnah quotes show the false prophet as a pedophile and a racist. Can anyone verify these claims. I might have used my copies during the last barbeque.

Can't find a girl. Try the morgue. Islam allows it.

Little known sexual perversions in Islam.  If video fails, go to  (Mental note: never procure services of a Muslim undertaker.)

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