Jan 21, 2011

Tactics of the devil and counter measures.

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Most people turn to God when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.  It may not be cool or sound intelligent to talk about the devil - as though it is a tale for the superstitious and the gullible.  But the reality is, the devil exists and is as active in the world as before.  He may not take possession of people as shown in this movie, but he does make us sin.

From Cuskelly's "A Heart to Know Thee"
There are certain artifices of the devil, who, after all, is a very intelligent being....
(i)  He takes the soul by its weak point (whence the need for self-knowledge),
(ii) in moments of negligence and distraction (hence the need of vigilance),
(iii) proposing good ends, but indiscreet (whence the usefulness of taking counsel),
(iv) in little things if the soul's resistance to grave falls is proved,
(v)  dissimulating vice under the appearance of virtue, which is the same as making us fall victims to illusion.

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