Dec 26, 2009

Video: Cash for Caulkers. Get Yours Now. $2M to caulk 7 homes

Description: From the Cashing In program on FOX News Saturday it was reported that the US government spent two million dollars of taxpayer money to caulk 7 homes.


Video: Spectacular Images from Hubble; Awesome Truth from God

God becoming man - is the mind boggling reality that is recalled and celebrated on Christmas.  Watch the video and open your mind and heart to an awesome invitation that will change your existence into living and living into eternal bliss.  Merry Christmas.

Christmas Mystery from Dan Stevers on Vimeo.

Video: Resisting Obamacare Using State's Rights (10th Ammendment)

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Video Description: The Classical Liberal States' Rights Tradition

The fourth of ten lectures from the 2006 Steven Berger Seminar: Thomas DiLorenzo on Liberty and American Civilization, recorded at the Mises Institute, 06-06-2006.

The Only Newly Originating Lives in the Universe - NGO vs GAO accounting

NGO Accounting of The Only Newly Originating Lives in the Universe

Excerpt from: The Baby in My Womb Lept for Joy by John Piper
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GAO or HHS accounting.  ( Her point:  Everyone will fund abortions.)

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False Catholic Groups Welcome Abortion Language in Senate Bill

(Source: New York Times )
"The Senate bill, approved Thursday morning, allows any state to bar the use of federal subsidies for insurance plans that cover abortion and requires insurers in other states to divide subsidy money into separate accounts so that only dollars from private premiums would be used to pay for abortions.  Just days before the bill passed, the Catholic Health Association, which represents hundreds of Catholic hospitals across the country, said in a statement that it was “encouraged” and “increasingly confident” that such a compromise “can achieve the objective of no federal funding for abortion.” An umbrella group for nuns followed its lead.  The same day, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops called the proposed compromise “morally unacceptable.” 

First of all, this group is a private association and does not represent the Church in any way - other than by name or CINO, Catholic In Name Only.  In this matter where it comes in direct opposition to the bishops' stance, it has even become a distraction, a source of confusion that misleads others.  The Church really needs to manage it's brand.

But in addition to the bishops' statement, the fact that the bishops are ready to close the Church's hospitals if forced to perform abortions is the clearest sign of where it stands.  

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