Dec 26, 2010

The day after Christmas - returning presents.

As people make their way to get store credit or refunds from unwanted gifts, one wonders whether the gift from God is also returned - considering that it is not so much a present but a presence.  It is certainly worth considering because being aware of God's presence makes life a lot more than a repetition of yesterday.  St. Paul speaks of a Christian's life being hidden in Christ in his letter to the Collosians 3:1-4.

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Admit it, you've given some terrible gifts. There's someone who has never given a bad gift, though...GOD! For Christmas, however, He gave us something no one could've imagined. This video illustrates the miracle of Christmas in a fun and poignant way.  Made by Dan Stevers.

Rev. Franklin Graham: "Islam Was Wicked and Evil... "

Rev. Franklin Graham speaks about Islam being an evil and wicked system by exposing its tenets.  The Koran spouts violence to Jews and Christians in a clear and unequivocal way thus making Muslims an enemy of the state other than their own.  Unfortunately, our government is either oblivious to this reality or complicit with the Islamic expansion program.

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