Jul 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day - from our family to yours

With my brother who served in the US Army and later in the Army Reserves.

My children holding the ribbons of their great grandfather who helped in the war effort as a merchant marine.  I taught them how people fought to preserve freedom so that they can freely worship God and become whatever God wants them to become.

Happy Independence Day to you.  The deaths of our relatives remind us that freedom is not free.  To keep us free, all gave some and some gave all - the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.  Let us pray for our military and appreciate those who are fighting for us.  And I on my part will spend my time fighting tyranny and socialism with the Tea Party.

Obamaspill: censorship, cover-up and conspiracy

First Amendment Right SUSPENDED to sweep oil under the rug.  It seeps right through.

Video description:  CNN Reporting that our 1st Amendment Right has been suspended by the President of the United States and Congress.  This is a test to see how far we will allow the government to go. 
I hope people remember this during election time. I think Cheney said this was going to happen ...."and incident" ...
What to the American Slave, is this 4th of July?

Here's an alternative view.  (I don't endorse this yet.  But FYI)

Censored photos from http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2010/07/20-most-shocking-photos-from-gulf-spill.html

Web location: http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/07/first-amendment-right-suspended-to.html

Right to Life Amendment - Coming soon

As the Republicans will take over the House and Senate, we can hope for the right to life amendment to be enacted. Mr. Obama would veto the measure in all probability.  That is why, we need to have a veto proof Legislature i.e. 2/3 majority or MORE.  Go go GOP & happy 4th.

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