Jun 1, 2013

Statues crying & bleeding!

Forced to praise gay at the DOJ. Unethical and illegal preference.


Matt Barber interviews a Department of Justice whistle-blower on its policy forcing every employee to verbally approve of homosexuality, cross dressing, and transgenderism. (Her voice has been disguised to protect her identity.)

I think that is giving preference to a sexual orientation and must be illegal just as it is illegal to give preference to a race, a religion, a gender or an age.

BARACK OBAMA - The Road to Impeachment

In this breaking mini-doc, AMTV films presents an investigative report behind Obama's alleged cover-up in Benghazi and the recent IRS and wiretapping scandals that may lead to the President's impeachment similar to Richard Nixon's Watergate.

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Solution to posts offensive to Islamists: Don't read them.

Why does the Obama administration want to criminalize the criticism of Islamists? Is it to hide the atrocities that Muslims do - specially in Syria so that the American public will allow military involvement there to eventually install the Muslim Brotherhood in power? Let us continue to pressure Congress to stop any aid to that rebellion. The result will be another Islamic Egypt that persecutes all non-Muslims.

Entire Christian village massacred by Islamic Syria Rebels.

These children were massacred Monday because of one reason; They were Christian! US-backed Free Syrian Army rebels and ever more radical spin-off factions are attacking and burning Christian churches, shooting Christians dead in the street, broadcasting ultimatums that all Christians must be cleansed from the rebel-held villages, and even shooting priests. This is who Obama has backed to overthrow Assad.

Biggest Scandal of All Is What the President Was Doing for 8 Hours During Bengazi Attack?

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