Feb 22, 2013

In Northern Virginia, an Islamic preacher calls for armed religious warfare "jihad".


Watch the full speech unedited video here.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MRhCv... Make sure to expand the info box below the video and read the failed attempt of TAQIYYA. Trying to downplay what came out of Imam Shaker's mouth. His comments on the Western World makes one wonder why he lives in the West. He also mentions that every Muslim should memorize the Quran, or if they can't, Muslims should keep it in their pocket...... I wonder if he ever encourages Muslims to keep the US Constitution in their pocket? I do encourage everyone to watch the entire video, but I understand that not everyone has the patience that I have. That is the reason for this edit, as the average person will not watch a video longer than 10 minutes. I have watched the entire video several times. If anyone would like to explain some of these comments to me in a way that they believe would change my opinion on his comments, please feel free to comment. I have the patience to hear what anyone has to say. I might add that I do not believe Sheikh Shaker is a "radical Muslim"..... his comments seem inline with the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.

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