Sep 5, 2010

US job situation also bad for those who are at work specially this guy...

by Steve Kelly
After Pelosi drained the swamp, she must have replaced the mud with feces.  In the history of Congress, there has never been a collection of criminals, nuts and perverts.  Did someone relocate the felons and emptied the sanitariums there?

Pre-nups for Catholics? And my 2 word pre-nup.

I wonder how beneficial pre-nuptial agreements are for Catholics who believe that divorce is a serious wrong doing.  What's the point if there is no plan to use it anyway.

For one thing, it can emphasize the fact that you're not marrying someone for her money.  Albeit a gesture, it is legally binding and when the marriage is compromised to sin, then the other keeps whatever she owns before the marriage.

My wife and I have a pre-nup.  Not that any of us own much.  In fact it did not pertain to property but to persons.  In 2 words it states:  no in-laws.

Knowing myself, I wanted my future wife to understand that I am extremely private.  My idea of a good time is reading a book quietly.  Also, after working for someone for 8 hours then driving for 2, I do not want to be like a scampering little mouse in my own home.  Right or wrong, that's me.  Worst case scenario, I'll rent a flat for my in-laws if I needed to care for them.

Anyway, my wife agreed to a reciprocal arrangement.  Besides, she has 12 other siblings who are better off.  They have larger homes and grown children.  I have 4, soon to be 5 kids younger than 12 years old.  I am considering getting a second bunk bed just to make room.

So, pre-nups are good.  My wife knew my position going into the marriage.  She knows what things are not negotiable and she has committed to it.  Bottom line, honesty is always the best policy.

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