Jun 4, 2013

9/11 Recordings made public.

"WE have some plans, just stay quiet and we'll be OK, We are returning to the airport, Nobody move everything will be Ok. If your try to make any moves, you'll injure yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet "....

These are the words of the muslim terrorist Mohammed Atta to the passengers of flight 11 American airlines in September 11, 2001. Just seconds before he hit the WTC with the airplay he hijacked with his fellow muslims and start the massacre of 3000 american in less than 1 hour.

And after 12 years, muslims and their useful idiots in the west are still telling you the same thing in different words: "Stay quiet and don't move, everything will be Ok" while they lead you to your death.

And still the people of the United States and all the western world are like the 87 people aboard of flight 11 ignore the fate waiting for them them, they are quiet , they don't move and don't want to move or resist while going to their final grave.

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