May 20, 2012

Malaysia urged to criminalize evangelization to stop muslims from becoming Christians.

muslims say there is no compulsion in religion.  They're either too stupid to realize the contradiction of their cult or too malicious to keep deceiving others.

Re: Public comments about Obama and Michelle. Use discretion.

A stranger walks into a bar in Normangee, Texas and orders a beer. While watching the TV in the bar he sees a clip of Nobama. He says out loud “He’s a Horses Ass!” A cowboy at the other end of the bar walks over and knocks the stranger off his stool and then the cowboy storms out.
So the stranger picks himself up and sits back on his barstool and continues watching the TV. He sees a clip of Michelle and says “She’s a Horse’s Ass too!” Another cowboy walks over and pushes him hard onto the floor and storms out.
The stranger picks himself up and asks the bartender “What is this place, Nobama country?”
The bartender says “Nope. It’s Horse Country.”

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