Jun 26, 2013

FSA Rebels Funded by Obama Behead A Christian Bishop and Another Christian Man


WARNING:  This Video Contains Graphic Scenes.  Please do not view in the presence of children (or adults)

جبهة النصرة والجيش السوري الحر في ادلب سوريا تعدم مطران وشاب مسيحي في قطع راسهم .هذه الثورة

Direct Translation From the Arabic:

Front victory and the Free Syrian Army in Idlib, Syria execute a Christian Bishop and a young Christian man by beheading.

Priest killed defending nuns from Syrian “rebels”


Father Franҫois Mourad killed by Islamist insurgents in al-Ghassaniyah

Fr. Franҫois Mourad
Fr. Franҫois Mourad
Jerusalem (AsiaNews) – “Fr. Franҫois Mourad’s killing of is a sad occurrence and a blow to all the friars of the Custody of the Holy Land,” said Fr Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land, as he spoke with AsiaNews about the Syrian clergyman who died on Sunday in al-Ghassaniyah, a predominantly Christian village in Jisr al-Shughur District, Idlib province. His funeral was celebrated yesterday in the small village of Kanaieh, a few kilometers from where he was killed.
Until yesterday, there were two versions of the murder, the first spoke about a stray bullet, the second of an actual attack carried out by Islamist insurgents against the Monastery of St Anthony in al-Ghassaniyah.
“The second is the most reliable version,” Fr Pizzaballa said. “From the photos and the testimony of our religious, the rebels attacked the village in past few weeks, forcing most residents to flee.”
The Monastery of St Anthony was the only safe haven, where Fr Franҫois lived along with some Franciscan friars, four nuns and ten lay Christians. But on Sunday, rebels part of a fringe extremist Islamic group, stormed that place too.”
According to the Custos of the Holy Land, Islamists broke into the convent, looted it and destroyed everything. When Fr Franҫois tried to defend the nuns and other people, the gunmen shot him dead.

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