Feb 18, 2009

God's dog must be a Wheaten terrier

This fluffy breed, a Wheaten terrier, is rated as the best for kids, babies even.  She doesn’t shed.   She took the phobia away from my boys who were afraid of dogs before.  I never heard her growl even when she’s bothered while eating.  Sometimes, my kids accidentally step on her.  She’d yelp then limp away.  But after sometime, she'd be back ready to play again.  She’s obedient even if  she has a mind of her own.  When I come home late, she’d wake from her slumber & stagger to check who’s coming in.  She's usually more enthusiastic & energetic to meet us.  Then, she’d  contently rest at my feet.  She doesn’t get bored nor find the need to entertain herself when I am around.  When we leave, she stays by the door awaiting our return.  She hate baths.  I have to hold her by the leash then hose her down.  But she settles down & accepts her fate by the time I lather her with shampoo. 

Weeks ago, there’s a post about a dog saving another after a traffic accident.  The post commented on how the dog taught brotherly love.  My dog made me think of the love of God.  If I were the dog & God was me, will I await His coming longingly?  Will I be content to stay still in His presence?  Will I accept the baths and purifications?  Will I guard His house and wake from my slumber whenever something happens?  Will I forget the hurts that His children inflict on me and always come back to serve?

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