Aug 19, 2010

Video: US Catholicism - faithful, thriving, vibrant and young

Despite the scandals and dissent, the revolts and exodus, internal corruption and external oppositions,  the Catholic Church has been founded on rock and "the gates of hell will not prevail against it" - in the US and anywhere.  Here is an indication of how the Church is thriving.

Rocco Palmo reports: "It never gets anywhere near the coverage it merits, but the Stateside church's largest annual pilgrimage took flight again earlier this month as, for yet another August weekend, the 33rd Marian Days (above) lived up to its legend as roughly 80,000 Vietnamese-American Catholics swelled Carthage, Missouri (usual pop. 15,000) for the latest edition of the festival started in 1978 by a recently-migrated religious community which, having received a former seminary in the Heartland as its new home-base, sought to give thanks for the freedom it found on these shores."

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