Dec 30, 2009

Video: Rick Warren on Obama, Jobs, Healthcare, Abortion, Holocaust

Rick Warren discusses Obama's responsibility and the current challenges in America today.

I am neither left nor right wing; I am for the whole bird - America.
What stewardship of influence is for those without a voice.
Any 16 year old boy who bought a condom knows when life begins.
46 million Americans are not here; that's a holocaust.
I am not pro-life; I am whole life. We need to expand the agenda after the child is born.

(updated) Terrorist peed on the fuse; Bullies and wuss; Getting ready to die in DC

Underwear terrorist peed on the fuse.

I think the underwear terrorist could have done a lot of damage if his bomb worked.  He must have peed on the fuse.  But now I see posts blaming Bush for that.  While Bush was in office, nothing of the sort happened since 9/11;  and the man has been away for a year now.  So, how can he or his administration be responsible for this?  Oh and get this, Janet Napolitano said that "The system worked."  I don't think it was the system that caused the wardrobe  malfunction.  So, I beg to differ.

Bullies Respect Only Power.

Character and personality studies have determined that the aggressive type understand and respect courage and power.  A bully will stop pushing  someone around only if he knows that he can and will be pushed back.  He does not respond to the nice guy approach because he thinks that is acquiescence and cowardice.  Would there still be an Israel today if they apologized to their neighbors and bowed to every sovereign king around them?

Exercise for a Happy Death

St. John Bosco had this practice with his students.  It consisted of a monthly recollection of the 4 last things:  Death, Judgment, Heaven & Hell and the sacrament of confession.  Death, than which nothing is more certain; Judgement, than which nothing is more strict; Hell, than which nothing is more horrible; and Heaven, than which nothing is more beautiful!"  The idea is to be ready to die anytime.  Back in the 19th century, death was more common than today.  Living in the outskirts of the nations capital, I somehow feel the need to get ready now more than ever.
Israeli Airport Security Screens:
It's good, cheap & fast.
Relatively low tech but high touch (not what you think)
Details here:

Recommendations Given By St. John Bosco To His First Missionaries (Still good & applicable to military & public servants too)

St. John Bosco (front row 2nd left) with his first missionaries

Winning hearts and minds

One in heart and soul

Recommendations Given By St. John Bosco To His First Missionaries
1.        Seek souls and not money, honor or dignities.
2.       Be charitable and most courteous towards all, but avoid conversations and familiarity with persons of the other sex or with persons whose conduct is open to suspicion.
3.       Do not go visiting, except for motives of charity or necessity.
4.       Do not accept invitations to dinner, except for very grave reasons.  In such cases arrange for a confrere to accompany you.
5.       Take special care of the sick, of the young, of the old and of the poor; and you will win the blessing of God and the goodwill of men.
6.       Show respect towards all persons in authority whether civil or religious.
7.       On meeting a person in authority, take care to salute him with due respect.
8.       Do the same towards ecclesiastics and persons belonging to religious institutes.
9.       Shun idleness and disputes, and observe great moderation in eating, drinking and sleeping.
10.   Love, reverence and respect other religious orders and always speak well of them.  In this way you will be esteemed by all, and will promote the good of our congregation.
11.   Take care of your health.  Work well, but only do as much as your strength will allow.
12.   Let the world know that you are poor in clothing, food and abode, and you will be rich in the sight of God, and will win the hearts of men.
13.   Love one another, advise one another, correct one another, and do not be carried away be either envy or rancor.  Let the good of one become the good of all, and let the troubles and sufferings of one be regarded as the troubles and sufferings of all, and let each one strive to banish or at least to mitigate the sorrows of others.
14.   Observe your rules, and never forget the monthly Exercise for a Happy Death.
15.   Every morning commend to God the occupations of the day, especially lessons, religious instructions and sermons.
16.   Constantly promote devotion to Mary Help of Christians, and to the Blessed Sacrament.
17.   Recommend to the boys frequent confessions and communion.
18.   In order to cultivate ecclesiastical vocations, constantly inculcate: (a) love of chastity; (b) horror of the opposite vice; (c) avoidance of bad companions; and (d) frequent communion.  Always be charitable, gentle and kindly towards the boys.
19.   Hear both sides before making up your mind regarding reports and matters in dispute.
20.   In time of fatigue and suffering do not forget that we have a great reward prepared for us in heaven.  Amen

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