Sep 23, 2010

Video: Mourning in America.

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In 1984, the Reagan reelection campaign set the standard for modern political advertising with its fabled "Morning in America" series, which included one of the greatest political ads of all time -- "Better, Prouder, Stronger." The ad captured the zeitgeist -- America under President Reagan was coming back, full of optimism and confidence in the future.

Today, the zeitgeist is exactly the opposite. Americans are worried about their future, and about a government determined to implement policies that just don't work. But like its predecessor, "Mourning in America" offers a new hope -- if we can just get our government to return to time-tested policies that can spark a rebirth of liberty.

Not much of a pledge but still a lot better than this.

The GOP gave their pledge to America today.  It is nothing to write home about but a definite improvement over Obama's grand plan.

by Michael Ramirez

Dems gaining momentum

by Steve Kelley

Video: Hold our noses if we need to, but the GOP is the only sensible choice this time

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Hold our noses if we need to, but the GOP is the only sensible choice to save our country from Socialism, Sharia, the culture of abortion & euthanasia, the culture of graft & corruption, the culture of indolence, dependency & entitlements  - in short from Obama.

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