Nov 9, 2012

The Resistance is you

Alabama citizens voted to nullify Obamacare mandates. Now their governor seems to be backing them up:

PETITION:The election is over. Now we must recommit to our conservative principles and stop the liberal agenda. Will you sign our petition to fight back today? Click here:

Reeling in from election disaster

My status updates in FB

Half of the population are helplessly going to watch Obama deform America without regard to the Constitution or their consent. The courts will no longer be a recourse as Obama will stack it with his like minded radicals. The Congress is useless as Reid will simply douse any effort from the House. So, what is left to do?

In the face of an oppressive situation one has 2 choices: change the situation or change oneself.

With the entitlement class growing and their handlers being organized, there is now an effective dictatorship of the masses or the proletariat. You may want to Google what that is.

Is Obama's ideal to have a classless society where government runs and owns everything and people do what they can and take what they need? There is a label for that ideal. You may want to find out.

This is our country, not the Socialists, not the lawless, not the baby killers, not the Muslims. We can tuck tail and run or we can fight. This is also a home of the brave so, I choose to stay.

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