Sep 7, 2009

Women deserve better than abortion.

Exposing Coercion - Pregnant Women Stand Up - Ann Lowrey Forster - Feminists For Life of America (H/T View from the choir)


Feminists for Life home page

Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions(SM)

First feminists opposed abortion

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Thoughts on theologians, bishops & politicians who support abortion rights

On the representatives who ignore their constituents' positions at town hall meetings: "The death of democracy."

On Doug Kmiec's appointment to become U.S. Ambassador to Malta: "It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?" (St. Thomas Moore)

On theologians who justify the support for abortion: "Hired guns."

On the politicians who rely on rogue theologians: "Liberals."

On bishops working with pro-aborts: "Riding the tiger."

On finding the Catholic stance on abortion: "Cf. Magisterium not theologians."

On prayers for Ted Kennedy: "Why not pray for Hitler?"

On bishops at Ted Kennedy's funeral:  "Meaningless and scandalous just like the bishops who reassigned pedophiles and covered up their crimes."

On forgiveness for Ted Kennedy: "Ask it from those who were vacuumed, burned or sliced because of laws that allowed abortion (all 50+ million of them)."

On judgment of pro-aborts: "When I was at my mother's womb, you let me get aborted,  ..." (Mt 25)

On the Pope's silence:  "Deafening."

Reported Eucharistic Miracle at Mumbai, India

A Eucharistic Miracle was reported at Tabor Ashram (Mumbai, India): Drops of Water and Blood during the Holy Eucharist
(Monday, 27th August, 2007)

On 27th August 2007 in the presence of around 60 retreatants (of a special English Growth Retreat) when Fr. Joby was con-celebrating Mass along with Fr. Anto (who himself was a retreatant), during the Epiclesis [that part of the prayer of consecration of the Eucharistic elements (bread and wine) by which the priest invokes the Holy Spirit] when Fr Joby invoked the the Holy Spirit, he noticed many drops of water and blood on the altar cloth. He immediately announced to the congregation that Jesus was pouring out His Blood and Water and continued with the Holy Mass.

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Another account with more pictures here

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