Sep 7, 2013

All investigations point to rebels and ultimately to Obama for gassing children, women and other civilians in Syria.

There is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated, Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria, told RT. She says she is about to submit her findings to the UN.
Mother Agnes, a catholic nun, who has been living in Syria for 20 years and has been reporting actively on what has been going on in the war-ravaged country, says she carefully studied the video featuring allegedly victims of the chemical weapons attack in the Syrian village of Guta in August and now questions its authenticity. 
In her interview with RT, Mother Agnes doubts so much footage could have been taken in so little time, and asks where parents of the supposedly dead children are. She promises to send her report to the UN. 
The nun is indignant with the world media for apparently turning a blind eye to the Latakia massacre by rebel extremists, which left 500 civilians including women and children dead.
In a statement released by the White House, the U.S. Director of Intelligence, James Clapper, said that 1,429 people were killed in a massive chemical attack on a dozen localities, August 21, 2013 in the suburbs of Damascus [1] .
The French services were unable to conduct an on-site victim toll, according to the declassified notes of intelligence coordinator Alain Zebulun [2]. However, they saw about 281 victims on videos, while the French “non-governmental” organization, Doctors Without Borders, counted 355 in hospitals.
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Allied services all refer to videos. So, the Americans have collected a hundred on YouTube, while the French have only found 47. Washington and Paris consider them all as authentic. However, some of them were posted at 7:00 am, Damascus time (which explains why they are dated August 20th on YouTube, which is based in California), but with an almost midday sun, which implies they were filmed in advance [3].
Earlier this year, it became clear that Saudi Arabia had entered the Syrian conflict. In May, the Gulf state met with Syrian rebel leaders in Istanbul to discuss arming moderate rebel factions within Syria. Saudi Arabia is not the only regional state to provide weapons to the rebels. Qatar was previously the main supplier of military arms to those opposing President Bashar al-Assad.
What is unusual about this situation is that Saudi Arabia has chosen to supply weapons to moderate factions, while Qatar continues to supply more conservative Islamists. Saudi Arabia is an extremely conservative country, so the backing of moderates comes as a surprise to some international observers. However, in previous instances of Saudi assistance, including to Afghani jihadists during the 1980s, the Saudi government experienced backlash domestically for supporting extreme conservative groups.

France backs out. UN blames rebels. Obama persists with his private war to enable the Islamists in Syria.
France backed away Friday from joining the U.S. in swift military action against Syria, isolating President Obama even more as he threatens limited strikes on the Damascus regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons.
France had been the only nation to agree to the joint use of force with the U.S. against Syria, but French President Francois Hollande said he is now waiting for a report from United Nations weapons inspectors on whether chemical weapons were used in the Aug. 21 rocket attacks on the Damascus suburbs.

Obama to bypass UN. Derides process as "hocus pocus". (video)

The world against Obama's aggression on Syria to empower the vile Islamists.

Pope calls for prayer and fasting today for peace in Syria. Certain demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting,

The Lord said that certain demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting. Today, there are millions who are casting out the demon that is Obama for peace for the Syrian children.

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