Mar 13, 2009

Abortion is more about God

Jesus take the wheel, I don't feel like driving anymore. I am tired and I don't think it will make a difference. Even bishops keep silent as lawmakers make it easy for infants to get killed. I feel helpless and I look stupid as I send emails.

And so I stopped and prayed. I pictured Jesus, blindfolded, crowned with thorns, bloodied and bruised holding a reed while the soldiers punch His face and yell, "Guess?"

All this pro-life activities is not just about saving a child or even the mother; it is about stopping nother blow in the face of the Creator. Each time a person is aborted, God is offended. Like someone picks an infant by the foot and tells God, "Let me show you what I will do with your creation" then kills the child and throws it in the dumpster. 

Standing up for life is stopping people from offending God first and foremost. It's like yelling to guard who's going to punch the Lord "Stop!" It may not work, but the Lord will hear my protest. 

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