Dec 27, 2008

Protecting God's Children

I've decided to teach CCD again.  To do that I have to have a criminal record check by the FBI, setup an account in & attend a presentation on protecting God's children.  It is reassuring as I plan to send my children into Catholic schools later.

I am sensitive to this because I was almost sexually abused by a priest when I was a boy. Back then, I was in a club of aspirants (to the priesthood).  We had interviews with the director.  When my turn came, I was stopped by a couple of members;  one claimed to be molested sexually by the priest.  So, I missed the interview & dropped out of the club.

It was the 70s & the old-school approach to virtues is passe.  Purity & chastity was put into perspective like "the sins of the flesh are not as bad as the sins of the spirit".  And theologically speaking, "Charity is the most important virtue."  Because of that many church leaders let their guard down, slid into sins of the flesh & victimized God's children.

Hopefully, the appreciation for chastity, purity and modesty will grow.  And the best way is to not lose one's purity at all.  St. John Bosco spoke about a dream where his boys were going up a mountain - some on foot, others on carriages. Those on wheels never fell into impurity.  And so it is easier for them to avoid temptations. Those hiking already “fell off the horse” and lost their innocence. They have to struggle to stay pure by avoiding the occassion of sin & fighting the urge. Then there is a group rushing downhill. Those have lost their purity & continue to fall into graver sins.  So one needs to avoid malicious companions & not look at sexy shows & websites.  One needs to keep oneself busy & avoid idleness.  One needs to have a devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary & read about the saints & how they protected their chastity.

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