Oct 26, 2009

Video: Christians in the eyes of Sikhs.

Another take on this is how non-Christians saw Christians.  If how we're perceived matters to us because we are ambassadors of Christ, then this short film is quite revealing.  It is the Johari window exemplified when we learn about ourselves through others.

View this movie at cultureunplugged.com

Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath : Director: Sharat Raju | Genre:Documentary | Produced In: 2008
Synopsis: Valarie Kaur was a 20-year-old college student when she set out across America in the aftermath of 9/11, camera in hand, to document hate violence against her community. From the still-shocked streets of Ground Zero to the desert towns of the American west, her epic journey confronts the forces unleashed in a time of national crisis - racism and religion, fear and forgiveness - until she finds the heart of America... halfway around the world.

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