Sep 21, 2010

Video: The Break Up. Typical story of how couples fail.

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The policies of President Obama and Congressional Democrats have resulted in 20% of young adults being unable to find work. Seeing the danger these policies pose to our generation, 18-29 year olds are "breaking up" with their decade long romance with the Democratic Party. Find out more at

Video: What the American people said, what they got and what happened next.

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All across America, people are looking to Congress and the White House and asking the same question: "Is anybody listening?"

The American people said "No" to wasteful government spending.

What did we get? An $800 billion stimulus bill.

What were the results? 3.3 million private sector jobs were lost.

The American people said "No" to a government-takeover of health care.

What did we get? A trillion-dollar takeover of America's health care system.

What have been the results? Right now, 1.6 million jobs are at risk because of government-imposed mandates.

The American people said "No" to more government bailouts.

What did we get? A $50 billion bailout of Greece and the European Union.

What have been the results? We're about to find out.

Republicans in Congress are listening to the people.

We are saying "No" to wasteful spending.

We are saying "Repeal and Replace" the Obama health care bill, and we are saying "Never Again" to more Wall Street bailouts.

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are taking American in the wrong direction.

By listening to the people, we can get American moving in the right direction.

To renew the American Dream, we need new ideas and common sense.

There is nothing wrong with the American government that can't be cured by the wisdom of the American people.

And if we empower the people -- and reduce the power of Government -- America's best days will be ahead of us.

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The Christian way to go - freely, obediently, lovingly and with Jesus.

You'll read more and more about dying on your terms or with dignity. It is a sales pitch to take your life yourself and some countries are making that legal. For those with no religious vision or spiritual life, this can be a rational decision. Rather than exhaust one's savings in a prolonged suffering, why no cut one's loses with suicide or assisted suicide?

For those blessed with the knowledge of God through faith, suffering is meaningful and a slow painful death becomes a fruitful sacrifice. This is one of the times when Christian have a leg up on everyone else. For one thing, it is much better to be purified in this world than it is to be later. Now, we have a choice to accept the pain with love and make it an offering for our wrong doing, to commute the sufferings of our loved ones, for the conversion of sinners and a host of other reasons. In the after life, we have to be purified and it won't be on our terms.

But purification is a must unless one is already perfect. Since God is perfect, one needs to be a pure as God to enter into union with Him. St. John of the Cross writes about this in his classic, The Dark Night of the Soul. And while God is with us, then there is no pain or anguish that is unbearable. Recall how the martyrs died while mauled and eaten by lions or burned at stakes.

That is why Christians do not disrespect God by killing themselves. Instead, they join the Son of God to suffer again on the Cross in their own way and surrender their lives when the time comes. It is the last act of love for God - to die in God's terms and in God's time. And when that happens, death has lost it's sting - as St. Paul writes.

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