Jun 21, 2009

Facebook - a link to good fathers

Bishop Broderick Pabillio

With Facebook friends
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Lately, I have been so depressed because of the Church. It started with Abp. Wuerl, Fr. Jenkins then the Ryan report that exposed thousands of priests and religious who sexually and violently abused tens of thousands of children. I looked at my kids and feared that when they grew, their faith and lives will be wasted by bishops and priests like these. My recent posts reflected this disillusionment.

Weeks ago, I found out how my nieces started having boy friends and how they're very much into Facebook - an internet site for social networking. I learned about how you can be defined as a friend, then you can read all their postings. So, I got an account and asked them to add me in their network. I wanted to monitor them for fear that they may become yet another victim. As I got more into it, I saw my friends and colleagues and started inviting them. Click at my Facebook button, you'll see around 10 of my friends are ordained priests and more have been in the seminary. I found out that a few who are now bishops - Bps. Drona, Pabillio, Panfilo, Buzon, and Cantillias. I know these people as I have lived many years with some of them. They're good and even holy - IMHO. All of a sudden, my sadness turned into joy; my despair into hope; my rage into compassion. The fact that Bp. Pabillio is just a year ahead of me, I started thinking of the bishops' responsibilities in a different light. They could have been mine. So, I'll try a different approach and see my friends in the bishops and priests here.

Happy father's day to everyone who reflect the fatherhood of God.

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