Sep 1, 2012

muslims murder 100+ children in Russia (anniversary of Beslan massacre) video

Beslan massacre, eight years on from Russia Beyond The Headlines on Vimeo.

Romney Flip Flop on Abortion. Ron Paul Better?

I've seen videos about how Romney changed his position on abortion.  But lately, he seems to be a die hard pro-lifer.  He even rejected his first VP choice because of her pro-choice stance.  See report at  So, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Others think that Ron Paul is the right candidate for the conscientious voter.  Here is when the best becomes the enemy of the good or how a bird in hand is better than two in a bush.  It has been proven during the primaries that Ron will not get enough votes to beat Obama.  So, voting for him will take away votes from Romney who would have had a chance had the GOP and Independents been solid in their backing.  Consequently, the voter who wrote in the perfect candidate, Ron, effectively elected the immoral incumbent - albeit unwittingly.

Jesus taught us to be cunning as serpents.  So, while a vote for Romney as the lesser evil can still be voting for some evil, it will overcome the greater evil.  And a vote for Ron will be hypothetically perfect, it will fail in beating Obama and as a result make evil reign.

An example of this is the parable of the weeds and the wheat.  The farmer did not pull out the weeds that were growing with the wheat.  So must we not reject Romney because of his weeds because he has wheat as well.

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