Dec 12, 2011

The other American Muslims - not in TLC

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Comment:  Watch and listen.  Allah commands terrorism.  He is on the side of those who bomb, murder, rape, humiliate.... not of the side of the victims.  My God is the god of the poor and the oppressed, of the remnant of Israel, of the marginalized, of those who are persecuted by the followers of Allah.  You don't need a theology degree to see and know that Allah and the Judeo-Christian God cannot be one and the same.

Obama spent the last three years cleaning up the financial mess...

... but it is still a mess - and even more so.  It has  to be a one term proposition then, as he himself said.

A President of Honor

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My comment:  He may not be articulate, but his deeds make up for his oratorical skills.  Speeches and debates are just words to convery ideas.  But ideas can also be enunciated by actions - and even more eloquently.

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Shop at Lowe's for taking the courageous step of backing away from Muslim propaganda show

Lowe's pulled it's ads from the All American Muslim and a Democrat senator called on Lowe's CEO to apologize to Muslims for doing so.  Please do a search yourself to see that this neither a lie nor an exaggeration.  It is bizarre, absurd but true - in Obama's America.

Now the Muslim brotherhood and it's cohorts at the Liberal media are up in arms in lashing out at Lowe's and threatening boycotts.  Why is Lowe's compelled to sponsor this tripe?  If I had a business, can I not pick and choose the programs to advertise in?

So, I say let's find those businesses that continue to sponsor this Muslim propaganda and boycott those.  Those who pulled their sponsorship, let us patronize.

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