Jun 7, 2011

Food cures depression, high BP, arthritis, insomia, ED, diabetes

Sleep better with honey.

Take 1 teaspoon 1 hr. before going to bed.

Dark green leafy veggies dispel depression.
1 cup/daily

Lower blood pressure with celery.
5 stalks daily

Olive oil or Oranges prevents arthritis.
1 tablespoon of the oil or 2 oranges a day.

Help diabetes WITH chromium rich foods.
1 serving a day e.g. onions, beef, tomatoes,yams, or oysters.

Rosemary prevents cancer.
Sprinkle on marinades and stews.

Arginine help erections.
1 serving a day e.g. milk, chickpeas, coconut or soy beans.
Take Arginine (4-6 grams) supplement hours before intimacy.
CAUTION: This amount should not be taken by one who had a heart attack in the past 6 months.

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