Jul 19, 2013

Obamacare damage about to hit. Cause of new diversions?

Islamic Sexual Mores

They do little girls, goats and dead people too.

Obama: New Scandal, New Drama. Same race card. Disgraceful. Abominable.

The scandal  :   Bombshell Drops in IRS Scandal: Obama’s IRS Chief Counsel Directly Involved (+video)


Read more: http://joemiller.us/2013/07/bombshell-drops-in-irs-scandal-obamas-irs-chief-counsel-directly-involved/#ixzz2ZWuziW3P

The drama :

Obama Stokes the Fire: “Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me” (Video)

PJTV: George Zimmerman Is Not White, Unless You Are Liberal (Warning: Graphic Images)

Liberals keep referring to George Zimmerman as white. Some even call him a white hispanic. Zo asks why libs have such a hard time accepting Zimmerman's latino heritage. Could liberal bias against Zimmerman be further proof of pervasive racism? Hear what Zo thinks.

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