Jun 5, 2009

PC Security: Limiting Exposure

The more I limit my exposure in the net, the safer I get.

One limit is to use a user that is not an administrator type. Hence, even if the session is comandeered by an intrusive process, it not be able to access or alter resources that are reserved to an administrator.

A second limit is to turn off the modem when I do not need to use the net. This reduces my exposure and gives me a new handle or address when I turn the connection back on.

If I want my relationship with God to be secure, then I have to limit my exposure to the world.

I use a limited account type meaning I do not get familiar with the world. I only open myself to God.

I also limit my exposure, so that I can have time for spiritual reading, meditation and ministry. I only have 24 hours, so I better secure a good chunk of that time in maintaining and cultivating my love for God. No relationship survives neglect.

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