Mar 12, 2010

My Journey: Communion on Tongue Childish ? et. al.

I went for the parents' class of the First Communicants and was surprised by how our parish priest characterized receiving Holy Communion on the tongue.  He said, "If we had hang-ups with receiving communion by the hand and want to be fed like a child, then the option of receive it on the tongue is still available but, we must teach our kids that they can receive it by the hand."  I was doing that because I did not want particles of the consecrated host to be left in my palm.

I had the cable TV service cut off and it worked wonders.  We sleep earlier and there was less mischief in the house - usually when kids mimic the cartoon network characters.  The family night prayers are succeeding and my good night talks have been received eagerly.  Last night, I spoke about the Eucharistic miracles - the blood showing in the host and the donkey kneeling at the manager.  Since my kids go to public schools, they have been exposed to non-believers so, they question a lot e.g. "Hiow do I know that?  etc..."    I patiently addressed their questions but in the end, it boils down to faith in Jesus Who is God.

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