Jun 18, 2012

Child development: first 6 weeks, months, years

I was planning our summer vacation and thought of leaving the 16 month old with my in-laws because she requires so much care.  Then I recalled this info about child development.  I'll beef it up later with links and details but for now here is the general idea.

In the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, the child's brain developes so there is a need for foods that promote that  e.g. green veggies.

During the first 6 months after delivery, the child's emotional development is founded.  The child needs to feel loved to have less issues as an adult.  Love at this stage is felt through touch.  So, carry the child a lot even when she is having tantrums.

Then in the first 6 years, the child developes psycho-socially.  So, it is best that the child gets to interact with others so the child learns to get along.

He had his chance and blew it. So, now ...

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