Jan 24, 2012

Video: Christian piglet buried somewhere in France. Will a mosque still be built there?

Christian piglet buried somewhere in France.  Will a mosque still be built there? 
Haram!  No way.

To find out, muslim will just have to dig up the spot(s) with the cross.


Turks vs. Germans on war atrocities, humanity, sanity and character.

Yesterday, France has made it illegal to deny that the Turks (muslims) have engaged in a genocide of around 2 million Armenian Christians at the turn of the 20th century.  Vive la France!

The Turks in France and everywhere are enraged.  They want to deny their war crimes and they want to continue.  Just watch as the Coptic Christians get wiped off the face of Egypt, or the non-muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan.

That is the difference between the Turks and the Germans.  After the Nazis were overrun, the Germans themselves denounced the genocide that was done to the Jews, Gypsies et al.  The Germans paid compensation and made it illegal to deny that these crimes were ever done.  I say the Germans have been misled by a madman but as soon as they freed themselves, they did the right thing.

The Turks on the other hand are still led by a madman, mohammed who even in his grave continues to mislead others into hatred.  That is why the Turks are not humble enough to say, "We messed up.  The Armenians can return and reclaim their lands."  These muslims are proud of their murders as they did it in the name of their idol - allah.  These muslims have no regrets, no contrition, no sorrow because in their demented minds, they did the right thing and are entitled to the spoils of war - like murdering women and children merits a trophy.

This is why islam and muslims are a threat.  Yesterday, it was the Armenian Christians.  Today it is the Coptic Christians.  Tomorrow it will be the American Christians. 

But people still defend muslims in a spirit of multi-culturalism.  It is insane.  But we must be patient in exposing that this cult or political movement is just as dark and wicked as the Nazis - if not more.


and now.

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