Nov 12, 2011

The secret of understanding and dealing with women

They're probably more scared than the male but, they have to resort to psy ops.  But this does not have to be, if we know the first and last thing about dealing with women.

And that is, they just have to be loved.  Love brings a different kind of knowledge because, certain realities can only be perceived by the heart - not the eyes or the ears.  

But sometimes the effort to understand is an attempt to control, to dominate.  And no one wants that.  That runs counter to the human nature that is free.

And that leads to what loving is.  There's a lot of misconceptions about love, a lot of counterfeits masquerading as love e.g. manipulation, co-dependency and even a contractual arrangement for sex and procreation.  But here is a description that seems to be free of those pollutants.

Democrats' Diverse Identities Works

Democrats' diverse identities works for their paid supporters, the media, Muslims, Socialists and the like.

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