Mar 3, 2012

Card Dolan Update: WH TOLD him to LISTEN to PELOSI, KEEHAN et al.

Cardinal Dolan's article here:

So, we have to be realistic and prepare for tough times.  Some, like America magazine,  want us to cave-in and stop fighting, saying this is simply a policy issue; some want us to close everything down rather than comply (In an excellent article, Cardinal Francis George wrote that the administration apparently wants us to “give up for Lent” our schools, hospitals, and charitable ministries); some want us to engage in civil disobedience and be fined; some worry that we’ll have to face a decision between two ethically repugnant choices: subsidizing immoral services or no longer offering insurance coverage, a road none of us wants to travel.

Audacity.  The word that describes the WH.  It has the presumptuousness to tell the Church what to do.  It has the nerve and mindlessness that it knows better than the Church.

Elocution skills does not a bishop make, neither does a degree in law.  So, Obama can stop thinking that he is as good as any bishop and perhaps go to a silent corner to pray.  Asking people to turn a deaf ear to their consciences is telling people to ignore God.  Perhaps Obama thinks everyone is like the Liberal around him who would sell out God for money or sex or power, many people have not been corrupted by the world and would rather pay fines and go to jail rather than betray their God.

And if Obama's idea of religion is Islam, then that is part of the problem.  So, audacious he is.  Presumptuous too.  Might I add - clueless, mindless, careless, imprudent and asinine.

ERRATA: Christian pastor convert from Islam NOT executed in Iran by muslim government.

UPDATE: Correction from my source Apostasy Watch
Regarding the Iranian pastor:

We have removed the original erroneous report which came from an Arabic language website. I did not post it. The person who posted it on our wall did so with the best of intentions. It is our policy to verify information like this before we post it. We apologize for allowing unverified information to be posted. The Latest reports indicate that he is alive and Iran is saying he will not be executed. We will update as we have more information

Too sexy for her budget. Extreme sex needs to be funded by nation - even by religious organizations. Coed from Georgetown Law needs $3000 a year for contraceptives. See her video here.

She's that Georgetown Law school student who wants the nation to pay for the condoms of her boyfriends - $3000/year. If they can afford to get to Georgetown Law (albeit by scholarship) then they can get a condom if they need to. If a man wants to get laid, he'll find a way.

But it's not about the money.  She and Obama wants the culture to change and with in the way Americans live. She and Obama wants America to not only to tolerate their culture but to accept it by funding it. 

Breaking: Sandra Fluke Exposed As Fraud, Activist, Possible White House Operative – With Video

Love is "hands on" - not delegated. (pic)

Video of Muslim who hit tourists in Malaysia for kissing

article here:

"The target of the Arab's anger was a Canadian tourist who apparently gave a peck on the cheek of his Chinese girlfriend in the common sitting room of the centre at 6.26pm on Feb. 9.
This so infuriated the Arab who scolded the duo that this was an Islamic country. "The Arab scolded them saying what they did was disrespectful in an Islamic country. When the couple tried to calm him down, he kicked the couch before trying to hit them," said the receptionist, Dewina Jolilin, 22.
"That was when I intervened, telling him it was not necessary to shout or be violent," said Dewina. He then turned his fury on Dewina, saying she should have done something to stop them since she was a Muslim.
"He then attacked me when I told him that Muslims in Malaysia don't behave like him," she said. When the couple came to her aid, they ended up being attacked by the man as well.
Dewina said police were summoned and came 10 minutes later.
"They advised us to lodge a report, which I did accompanied by the couple.
"However, the police said they could not detain or investigate the assailant as the law did not allow it unless he had used a sharp object during the attack," she said.
Canadian Daniel Gunn, 30, who was visiting Sabah for the first time, said he had been to many countries but that this was the first time he was attacked by a supposed fanatic.
"He was screaming that 'this is a public place' and 'bring your prostitute somewhere else', 'this is Islam country and not your country'.

Comment:  Lesson learned:  Don't tour Muslim countries. 

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