Jun 23, 2012

More on the difference between Obama's Fast and Furious vs. other Gun Stings.

Don't let the Democrats fool people.  Share this and let the truth convict them.

Was the Fast & Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out ...

President Obama personally inserted himself into the Fast & Furious gun walking scandal after he extended executive privilege over certain DOJ documentation. Was the Fast & Furious a botched scandal, or a deliberate effort to undermine the Second Amendment? Find out as Bill Whittle explores the ideological motives behind the Fast & Furious scandal.

Jesus teaches levitation

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Lk12:34

Sin is not just breaking God's laws; ....

Religion is a relationship not regulations.  So it is not a Sunday only thingee in church as Pelosi thinks.

Jun 22, 2012

Fast & Furious vs. Wide Receiver. Apples & Oranges.

Holder compares apples and oranges to impugn malice on the motives of the Congressional Committee. It is not about race. It is about perjury and obstruction of justice.

Response to Nancy Pelosi over accuses GOP of attacking Holder over voter suppression

Poor woman, must have missed her meds.


In a word, nefarious.  

Caught on camera: kids insult and bully elderly woman bus monitor to tears

Obama's bullying, anti-white, anti elderly culture reflected in how these kids harassed an old bus monitor to tears.

Jun 21, 2012

Online Vigil for Religious Liberty Launched

People of Faith can join virtual march on Washington, D.C. during ‘Fortnight for Freedom’
We at Catholic Advocate are answering our Catholic Bishops’ call for a “a time of prayer, education, and action in support of religious liberty” during a “Fortnight for Freedom” today with the launch of the “Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty.”
“The bishops have urged us all to consider the ‘Christian and American heritage of liberty’ during this time, and we think participating in our virtual vigil is one great way for people of faith from across the United States to come together,” said Catholic Advocate President Matt Smith.
During the 14-day “Fortnight” period, Catholic Advocate will be encouraging a great national campaign of teaching and witness for religious liberty through joining people in prayer, contacting Congress, sharing facts on Facebook, and more. We will also let vigil participants know about other important ways they can participate in the “Fortnight for Freedom” within their own communities.
The “Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty” will be hosted at a special website:

Michelle Malkin refuses to let Tamara Holder lie about contempt vote

Another stellar performance by Michelle Malkin on Hannity. Last week she absolutely destroyed crank Juan Williams. This week she obliterated Tamara Holder. Good for Michelle for not allowing this leftist tool to get away with her dishonest liberal talking points.

Thank you, Michelle Malkin!

Obama variant of Dos Equis ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World.’

Great new video riff on the Dos Equis beer commercials featuring ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World.’ Unfortunately, the United States gets the ‘Most Arrogant Man in the World.’

Great thoughts:
Would you have taken a prize that you did not deserve?
Would anyone else made the call to raid Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan?

Jun 20, 2012

Is This Obama's Hidden Past?

At age 18, Barack Obama admittedly arrived at Occidental College a committed revolutionary Marxist. What was the source of Obama's foundation in Marxism? Throughout his 2008 Presidential campaign and term in office, questions have been raised regarding Barack Obama's family background, economic philosophy, and fundamental political ideology. Dreams from My Real Father is the alternative Barack Obama "autobiography," offering a divergent theory of what may have shaped our 44th President's life and politics.

In Dreams from My Real Father, Barack Obama is portrayed by a voiceover actor who chronicles Barack Obama's life journey in socialism, from birth through his election to the Presidency. The film begins by presenting the case that Barack Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who likely shaped Obama's world view during his formative years. Barack Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. Was the goat herding Kenyan father only a fairy tale to obscure a Marxist agenda, irreconcilable with American values?

This fascinating narrative is based in part on 2 years of research, interviews, newly unearthed footage and photos, and the writings of Davis and Obama himself. Dreams of My Real Father weaves together the proven facts with reasoned logic and speculation in an attempt to fill-in the obvious gaps in Obama's history. Is this the story Barack Obama should have told, revealing his true agenda for "fundamentally transforming America?" Director Joel Gilbert concludes, "The 'Birthers' have been on a fool's errand. To understand Obama's plans for America, the question is not 'Where's the Birth Certificate?,' the question is 'Who is the real father?'"

Raise Your Serotonin To Be Happy

Top Anti-Aging Foods

Why the Pope discourages marriage with muslim men and why you should not buy from muslim butchers

Muslim husband murders wife.  Trims her muscle to look like meat and sells it at his store.  Customer got suspicious and informed police.  Details at http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2012/06/halal-murder-muslim-butcher-slaughters.html

National Security Problem caused by the Obama Info Leaks

Not living in the present results in depression or anxiety.

Time is God passing by. Join Him by living the present moment with love.

Jun 19, 2012

Egyptian Election Results Still Being Tallied. Muslims deceptively claim victory.

Source: Egyptian Election: Islamist Victory - or Deceptive Strategy? by Raymond Ibrahim June 19, 2012 at 3:30 am http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3120/egyptian-election-islamist-victory Excerpt: ... At this moment, no one knows which candidate won. The race is close. In the meantime, even though it is naturally the business of every news bureau to "break the news" and not be left behind, it is counterproductive for the West to eat straight out of the Brotherhood's hands and unquestioningly disseminate its unsubstantiated information, as the Islamists would like: It works to their advantage."

MSNBC Smears Romney with deceptively edited video

What MSNBC showed: The complete speech: Please contact MSNBC and demand them to set the record straight and show the entire clip. There ought to be a law about this irresponsible and malicious journalism. The appeal to noble motives do not appeal to these Liberals.

Fortnight for Freedom (When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.)

Do a YouTube search on "Fortnight for Freedom" to see the activities for your diocese. Preparing for a Fortnight for Freedom: A Short History Lesson June 18, 2012 The HHS mandate is one more momentous step in the repaganization of the West. by Benjamin Wiker http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Item/1433/preparing_for_a_fortnight_for_freedom_a_short_history_lesson.aspx Comment: So what happens when the Supreme Court judges Obamacare to be unconstitutional and therefore null and void? Do we cancel all these demonstrations?

Muslim teen whips weeping migrant garbage collector for fun in Saudi Arabia

A candid video of a expat garbage collector being tortured by a Saudi teenager for unknown reason.  Garbage collectors in Saudi Arabia earn less then 100 dollar a month.

Islam,  the cult of bullies, is one of the evils of our time that need to be obliterated in humane societies. An expat taxi driver is being humiliated by a Saudi citizen , English CC is available This video was found inside a memory of a lost cell phone in the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Jun 18, 2012

Child development: first 6 weeks, months, years

I was planning our summer vacation and thought of leaving the 16 month old with my in-laws because she requires so much care.  Then I recalled this info about child development.  I'll beef it up later with links and details but for now here is the general idea.

In the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, the child's brain developes so there is a need for foods that promote that  e.g. green veggies.

During the first 6 months after delivery, the child's emotional development is founded.  The child needs to feel loved to have less issues as an adult.  Love at this stage is felt through touch.  So, carry the child a lot even when she is having tantrums.

Then in the first 6 years, the child developes psycho-socially.  So, it is best that the child gets to interact with others so the child learns to get along.

He had his chance and blew it. So, now ...

Jun 17, 2012

Packing for a boy scout camp

I helped my 13 yr. old son pack for a week of camp with the scouts tonight. I checked what he put together and give him those that he skipped - like a long sleeved shirt. I lent him my pocket knife and a heavy duty flashlight. This is a chance to continue bonding with an adolescent whose natural tendency is to be independent. It is also a preview of what can happen in 4 years when he leaves for college. I realize how these last years is the last chance to be part of his life. At the end, I gave him a Rosary to use when he has some time. He showed me that he already packed one.

Anecdotes of a Catholic Dad   6.12.12

A son's first hero, a daughter's first love.

We set the standard for who our sons become and who our daughters marry. We have authority codified in God's very own commandments. We are the images of God as Jesus compared God to a father. What a calling and a responsibility.

Another US muslim in candid camera harassing Christian preachers in MI

Another US muslim in candid camera harassing Christian preachers in Dearborn, MI.

By his attitude, I can tell he is the type who will kill a muslim who converts to Christianity or his very own daughter if she dates a nonmuslim.

Abortion is not a moral dilemma, political issue, ethical discussion or philosophical debate on which we can agree to disagree.

Video of Obama Explaining Why What He Did Today Was Illegal

What he did today:

Obama delivers 800,000 more illegal alien deportation waivers


Jun 13, 2012

Make it VIRAL: Best ad you’ve seen exposing Fast and Furious

Teaching my girls to shoot.

My boys and I may not be around to defend them always. With Obama's hundreds of thousands of muslim assylum seekers who see infidel girls as fair game, my daughters need to be able to defend themselves.

Jun 11, 2012

After a week of dismal job reports, Obama concludes ...

Out of touch.

Life of Emily (vs Julia) not the moocher mindset.

This video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation contrasts the dependency mentality in the President's "Life of Julia" campaign with the traditional American approach of self reliance and individual achievement.

Media silence on Church protests.

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. The same goes with enemies. The Church is Obama's enemy and the media his friend. Enough said. We should not expect much from the media anymore. It has sold itself out to be Obama's publicist.

Jun 9, 2012

Obama thinks economy is doing FINE. (video)


From http://cnsnews.com/news/article/state-department-purges-religious-freedom-section-its-human-rights-reports State Department Purges Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports By Pete Winn June 7, 2012 (CNSNews.com) - The U.S. State Department removed the sections covering religious freedom from the Country Reports on Human Rights that it released on May 24, three months past the statutory deadline Congress set for the release of these reports. The new human rights reports--purged of the sections that discuss the status of religious freedom in each of the countries covered--are also the human rights reports that include the period that covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath. Thus, the reports do not provide in-depth coverage of what has happened to Christians and other religious minorities in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East that saw the rise of revolutionary movements in 2011 in which Islamist forces played an instrumental role. For the first time ever, the State Department simply eliminated the section of religious freedom in its reports covering 2011 and instead referred the public to the 2010 International Religious Freedom Report – a full two years behind the times – or to the annual report of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which was released last September and covers events in 2010 but not 2011. Commentary: In other words, Obama is looking the other way and covering for the Muslims who have been oppressing non-muslims after the take over a country.

Islam on need for homosexual sex

Islamic theology for your amusement. Wow.... just wow. People actually study this filth?

Jun 7, 2012

Buddhist Karma ran over Muslim Dogma as 18 Islamists got beaten to death because of the rape of a little girl in Myanmar

Buddhist Mob Beats 10 Muslims To Death In Myanmar; Communal Violence Spreads By Amrutha Gayathri June 5, 2012 3:42 AM EDT Tensions flared in northwestern Myanmar after 10 Muslims were beaten to death by a mob of Buddhist vigilantes Sunday in retaliation to the rape and murder of a girl allegedly by Muslim men. Video: http://madaboutmahound.blogspot.com/2012/06/buddhists-beat-10-arselifters-to-death.html News Report: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/348681/20120605/buddhist-muslims-death-myanmar-communal-violence.htm Comment: Muslims like to rape little girls because their founder Mohammed married a 6 year old, Aisha and raped others. Not an edifying founder if you ask me. So, his cult has been doing the same over the centuries. Why non-muslim governments tolerate this nonsense and abomination is beyond me. In my opinion, no human society should let this go on. But if the government and the society is itself Muslim, then the people there need to throw that yoke of sin and wickedness away and establish a more human culture for their own benefit.

Sex, public schools, abortion, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare

You've seen the whistleblowers. See how it is happening. News report from CBS: Planned Parenthood Sets Up Shop At Roosevelt High To Reduce Teen Pregnancies http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/06/05/planned-parenthood-sets-up-shop-at-roosevelt-high-to-reduce-teen-pregnancies/

Jun 6, 2012

Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christianity in Tunisia

from http://www.raymondibrahim.com/11798/graphic-video-tunisian-muslims-slaughter-convert Excerpt Liberal talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on "Egypt Today" airing a video of Muslims in Tunisia slicing a young man's head off for the crime of apostasy, in this case, the crime of converting to Christianity and refusing to renounce it. The video—be warned, it is immensely graphic—is on the left (the actual execution appears from minute 1:13-4:00). For those who prefer not to view it, a summary follows: A young man appears held down by masked men. His head is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. He does not struggle and appears resigned to his fate. Speaking in Arabic, the background speaker, or "narrator," chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: "Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate"; "Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists"; "Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims"; "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger." Then, to cries of "Allahu Akbar!"—or, "God is great!"—the man holding the knife to the apostate's throat begins to slice away, even as the victim appears calmly mouthing a prayer. It takes nearly two minutes of graphic knife-carving to sever the Christian's head, which is then held aloft to more Islamic cries and slogans of victory. Visibly distraught, Tawfiq Okasha, the host, asked: "Is this Islam? Does Islam call for this? How is Islam related to this matter?...These are the images that are disseminated throughout the electronic media in Europe and America…. Can you imagine?" Then, in reference to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, whose political influence has grown tremendously, he asked, "How are such people supposed to govern?" In fact, only the other day a top Egyptian Salafi leader openly stated that no Muslim has the right to apostatize, or leave Islam, based on the canonical hadiths, including Muhammad's command, "Whoever leaves his religion, kill him." Islam's most authoritative legal manuals make crystal clear that apostasy is a capital crime, punishable by death. ...

Unions deviated from mission and vision

Unions have deteriorated into legal extortionists. Gov. Walker started to challenge this aberration and won. Others like Obama play their game to the detriment of the taxpayers and the nation.

The day Wisconsin saved America

"June 5th isn't the day you save Scott Walker... it's the day Wisconsin saved America." (Paul Ryan) The most important race. What the WI phenomenon means, the anti-thesis of all that is Obama. What the Left spins it to be. What Democracy looks like.

Choosing between 2 diverging ideologies in Nov.

As Obama said, it will be a choice between two divergent paths. One of the few true things that man has ever said.

Jun 2, 2012

Obama’s ‘Truth Team’ Caught In Lie

Excerpt "There are two main lies in this paragraph. The first is the lie that Republicans blocked the tax credit. Not true. Mitch McConnell offered the entire American Jobs Act as an amendment in the Senate and Harry Reid blocked it." Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/obamas-truth-team/2012/06/01/obama-s-truth-team-caught-lie#ixzz1wek0IU7p Obama and Truth should never be in the same sentence.

Sununu rips Soledad OBrien another on national TV for distracting the nation from real issues

Sununu rips Soledad OBrien another on national TV for distracting the nation from real issues

Job growth gone. Obama failed.

The Catholic movie of the year. Rave reviews everywhere.

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