Aug 13, 2013

10 Yr. Old Christian Girl Murdered in Egypt (video)

A 10 year old Christian girl was gunned down after leaving a Bible Study class. Middle East reporter, Lisa Daftari joins FNC's Martha MacCallum to discuss how this is just another example of how Coptic Christians as a religious minority, are constantly being targeted in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hillary vs Sarah. Clergy not activists. YOLO presidency. Good about Obamacare. Rubio's amnesty. Race card.

Hillary is going to give a series to talks to restore confidence in the government.  If you plan to protest this, remember the new laws that Obama signed about that.  Then again, weren't those for government officials and Hillary is now a civilian.  So, I guess we can all show up and tell her to stay home until her arraignment. 

Besides trying to get a leg up by earlier exposure, she is also a diversion from Obama's failure and crimes.   No doubt, the Leftist media will have something to report, a new champion to rally to as Obama has become indefensible.

Been listening to Venerable Fulton Sheen's retreats for priests.  He was quite critical about the clergy being overly involved in politics and activism.  And rightly so, they need to focus on their spiritual lives so that they can become saints and be able to lead us more effectively into that heavenly Jerusalem.

Asserting the rights of believers in the public square is the duty of the lay Christian.  He will have the "grace of state" for that mission.  Although, bishops have the duty to defend the Church from all enemies.  So, everyone should get out there because the reign of God begins with the here and now.

Obama parties hard with cool artists, airlifts his pet, plays golf, vacations everywhere and doesn't care about critics.  He savors the joie de vivre without a care in the world.  YOLO - you only live once.  If you don't see what's wrong with this picture, then you must be a Democrat.

The only good thing about Obamacare is the delay.   The best thing is the repeal. 

Rubio tells GOP to support amnesty because if they don't Obama will do an executive order.  So, he's saying do the wrong thing before Obama does it?  This guy is disappointing.

Why are white people stymied by the racist accusations?  If it is not true, then they should not be deterred by it and continue to do the right thing even if it consists in kicking a black man's ass.

Sarah Palin is indubitably a better person than Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately, the American public, the Honey BooBoo crowd, is notoriously superficial and would take the sleazy fast talking two faced Machiavellian Clinton any day. 

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