Aug 24, 2012

Democrats riding the tiger to draw a crowd.

Democrats riding the tiger to draw a crowd. They never thought that the tiger will eat them someday.

Audio: Obama argues against Born Alive legislation in IL state senate

In 2001, then IL state Sen. Barack Obama for the 2nd year in a row was the sole senator opposing Born Alive Infant bills state senate floor.

Audio of senate floor debates is destroyed when transcripts are written. Until now only the Chicago Tribune was known to have audio of this debate but has not released it.

But we now have it. In the audio Obama is arguing against calling for a 2nd physician if the 1st physician - the abortionist - has decided the baby s/he has just aborted alive is nonviable.

Most would recognize the potential for subjective opinion in this case. The abortionist is being paid to kill the baby predelivery, and a live birth would indicate s/he botched, for one thing. 

For another, often these babies are being aborted because the abortionist has stated they are handicapped. A living baby could also be evidence the abortionist made a wrong diagnosis. 

Barack Obama, a self-professed champion of the little guy and opponent of bullies, in this case argued in favor of trusting the abortionist. And the reasons are obvious. The abortion lobby in 2008 promised to spend $30 MILLION for their candidates as well as get out the vote.

In this audio Obama utters these infamous words among many:

"... if that fetus or child - however way you want to describe it - is now outside the mother's womb...." 


"... but there's, let's say, movement or some indication that, in fact, they're not just coming out limp and dead...."

How elections can be stolen in 2012

Will The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Be STOLEN by using the 2004 Hugo Chávez Recall Model that was used in Venezuela?

Venezuela: Academics' Study Backs Fraud Claim In Chavez Election

Why is Hugo Chávez Involved With U.S. Voting Machines?

Venezuelan recall referendum, 2004,_2004

This may be why the media keeps up that false message about the polls showing a close race.  I foresee that this will go on until election day itself.  So, if and when cheating occurs, it can easily be rationalized as the polls "had been close till the end "- unlike what happened in Nevada where Sharon Angle has led the polls all the while only to be upset after a power outage interrupted the voting process.

But it this happens, Americans will fight to the death rather than have their elections, their liberties taken by Barrack Obama - or anyone for that matter.

BRUTAL: Anderson Cooper obliterates DNC Chair over her lies about Romney’s stance on abortion

This is a MUST WATCH! And it is brutal. In his “Keeping them Honest” segment tonight, Anderson Cooper completely exposed Debbie Wasserman Schultz over her lies about Romney’s position on abortion. From beginning to end, Cooper refuses to let DWS dodge the issue, holding her to account for taking reporting LA Times out of context to raise money against Romney.
Seriously, watch the whole thing. It’s awesome!

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