May 12, 2009

Pure Politics behind the Pro-Life Protests?

I started being active in the pro-life effort at around 1995 after going to Conyers, GA.  There was a rumor that Mother Mary was visiting a woman there every month  I did not see or hear anything, but I came back with the conviction that abortion is what offends God the most nowadays.

To raise awareness the horror of abortion, I taped a huge picture of an aborted baby at my back windshield and parked where it can be seen from 10 floors.  At the end of the first day, I found the windshield covered nicely with brown paper and masking tape.  I took it off and parked at the same spot with the poster the next day.  That afternoon, my manager asked me to remove that 'political poster'.  I took it off rather than risk my job.  Nevertheless, I continued protesting abortion in others ways e.g. organizing rescue efforts in abortuaries.

These days, I have been reading how pro-lifers are accused of being politically motivated.  Maybe there are some who use the pro-life cause as a political tool.  But, no one except God knows peoples' intentions.  And I doubt if people really buy that line because you probably know at least one pro-lifer who honestly does it for the babies.  So, I think the Democrats are saying it to convince themselves - to numb their hearts and minds.

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