Jun 1, 2009

Colors of pro-lifers

If you’re Catholic, then you’re a pro-lifer by association; because, the Catholic faith community believes that human life begins at conception. But what kind of pro-lifer are you? Let’s go through a symbolic spectrum.

White: It symbolizes the pure solution that this group advocates. They pursue legal and charitable ways e.g. trying to repeal the Roe V. Wade and turning away would-be procurers of abortion. They are criticized as being simplistic and even naïve as they pray their Rosaries in abortuaries.

Blue: This group is blue or sad; because, while they personally oppose this atrocity, they do not wish to impose their convictions on others. They do not want to judge others. So, they watch the slaughter with resignation and angst.

Green: The color of reason of those who think that the abortion cannot be criminalized. So, they urge pro-lifers to stop fighting it, to tolerate it and try alternate means e.g. reduce the need for abortions by adoptions.

Yellow: The color of urine and the streak that runs across the bellies of those who know that abortion is murder but do not get into the fray because of the risk. They hold human respect and political capital above the lives of the children. So, they limit their efforts to safe activities like preaching to the choir. And they are quick to acquiesce to pro-aborts even at the cost of scandalizing and demoralizing others.

Red: A pro-lifer who already sees red is like the one who shot an abortionist yesterday. His type is what made the Dept. of Homeland Security classify pro-lifers as possible terrorists. They see themselves in a war to defend the unborn at all costs just like the Judges in the Bible. The abortionists are enemy combatants who are killed just as soldiers of the Taliban would be killed.

Black: Black as St. John described the night when Judas betrayed the Lord. These maliciously pretend to be pro-lifers to harm the cause. One of them gave us a list of supposed abortion providers. In his list was a suggestion to expose these providers in the newspaper. Thank God, we did not fall for it; otherwise, we’d be knee deep in lawsuits.

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