Jul 16, 2011

Mohammed's rape doctrine in Islam. Allah allows it. (video)

If video fails, click here or go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/07/mohammeds-rape-doctrine-in-islam-allah.html

The Hadith let us know that Muhammed was a rapist. He raped one woman among many, Sophia, after killing her father, brother and husband in front of her. He justified his rapes, telling his foolish followers that "allah" made it legal for them to rape whoever they wanted to from among their slaves and people they conquered in battle. Islam also justifies "borrowing vaginas", reducing women to body parts. 'This is a way for men like Muhammed to have sex with servants with their wives' permission, in the event the wife doesn't want to have sex. This Indian rape scene reminds me of Mohammed's rape of Sophia. Sophia means "wisdom". It represents what Muhammed did to true wisdom, substituting for it the lies he took 20+ years to fabricate. Muhammed raped Sophia, wisdom. Everything in the Quran came from a liar's mouth, a man who taught his followers to lie to their wives to "preserve" relationships, who even called his father's demon god, "the great deceiver", al Makir. If men are out raping women, of course they will need to lie to their wives.
There are many interesting scenes in the video clip. No doubt Sophia screamed at Muhammed, begging him not to rape her. She no doubt threatened him, to no avail. Later, after he foolishly married her, she finally got her revenge. She poisoned him. Muhammed, prophet of Islam, the rapist.

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