Dec 16, 2012

Virtually Unreported: CCW Holder Likely Prevented Larger Clackamas Mall Death Toll

God's veggie icons - shows what those are good for.

Hillary Clinton conveniently gets a concussion before the hearing.

If you fall for this, what can I say that would not be insulting but still give an honest appraisal of your judgement faculties?

Jewish Chicken Soup - Heals, Strengthens

I am under the weather after staying out and giving my neighbor some firewood.  I guess the temp is getting colder than my body can keep up with.  Many of my kids are coughing and feeling weak;  they all have respiratory distress thanks to my genes that predisposes them.

Regardless, I went to a Jewish restaurant for some soup - the renowned chicken soup that most Jewish people swear to have magical powers.  Tappy had chicken noodle and I had matzo ball.  After that I worked outside and raked leaves - last minute clean up before the snow hits.  I still feel stronger now that before I had the soup.  And Tappy, she's not coughing and is in good spirits.

Billy was too weak to go.  I'll take him and Fees next time.  But anyway, what is in that soup?

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