Mar 29, 2012

Young woman dialogues with muslims in UK. Hear them for yourself. (video)

My comment:
Brave young woman confronted muslim protesters and heard for herself what muslims in UK really think. Watch how she is treated with scorn by the muslim women. This is what is coming to the USA unless we stop it. muslims think they are on a mission from their supreme being and the whole world is damned if it refuses to submit.

This is a CULTURE CLASH. The problem with this specific subpopulation of people is that their culture and beliefs never have, and never will, be in harmony with those values that are European. This is what this VERY RAPIDLY INCREASING non-indigenous subpopulation of the UK want for Britain....Sharia law, Sharia courts, death for gay men and women, death for adultery, death for unbelievers, death for apostasy, amputation for theft, subjugation of women, animal cruelty and child cruelty.

See Tom Trentos video for more info and you can Pm me for more surveys on muslim attitudes

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