Jan 10, 2012

Romney is pro-life or pro-choice based on where he is campaigning (video)

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Mitt Romney is pro-life or pro-choice based on where he is campaigning. "Every piece of legislation that has come across my desk I've come down on the side of life." Except for Romney Health Care that pays for abortion, promotes chemical abortions with Plan B, gives Planned Parenthood a seat on the Mass. health advisory board, and attempts to force pro-life hospitals to dispense abortifacients. Mitt also supports killing the tiniest humans for research, asked the federal government to start funding abortifacients, appointed pro-abortion Democrat Matt Nestor to a district court, attended a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, and told the NARAL, "you need someone like me in Washington." Yet sadly, National Right To Life's longtime general counsel and political architect James Bopp is campaigning for Romney, trying to provide political cover to convince pro-lifers to vote for an obvious pro-choicer who will lie to obtain more power for himself (and the compromised pro-life industry). -American RTL Action

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