Jan 4, 2011

Boehner Responds to Senate Democrats re: Repealing Job-Killing ObamaCare

Just a fun post. Notice how he ignored Pelosi's crock of Liberal mental excretion? Time to turn off the high beams Nancy. Games over.
Boehner Press Office Responds to Senate Democrats re: Repealing Job-Killing ObamaCare Law

Senators Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Murray and Stabenow:

Thank you for reminding us – and the American people – of the backroom deal that you struck behind closed doors with ‘Big Pharma,’ resulting in bigger profits for the drug companies, and higher prescription drug costs for 33 million seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D, at a cost to the taxpayers of $42.6 billion.

The House is going to pass legislation to repeal that now. You’re welcome.

- Speaker-Designate John Boehner’s Press Office
More on John.  If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/01/boehner-press-responds-to-senate.html  Did you know that he went to Mass daily?  He made it with hard work and without priviledge or entitlements.

Pamela Geller - Annie Taylor Award Recipient for Courage Against Muslim Tyranny and Conquest

Watch how this woman risks all to shelter those who leave Islam and are in danger of being murdered by their very own family members here in the USA.

If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/01/pamela-geller-annie-taylor-award.html

Source  AltasShrugs

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