Oct 24, 2009

Video: Why people support abortion rights (Motherhood by choice)

I've posted this for pro-lifers to understand those who support abortion  in order to reduce or stop abortions altogether.  Understanding is not condoning;  it is not tolerating and much less accepting.  I seek to understand to be more effective in fighting this just like Patton understood Rommel's tactics.

What I learned here are the efffectiveness of state laws in pushing back the carnage.  Also, abortion providers see themselves as helping others.  Finally, if the mother can be dissuaded from doing it to begin with, then we can all pack our bags.  But there lies the rub.

Regardless, I do not endorse abortion rights because, no one should have a right to deprive another person of his inalienable right to life.  If it is no longer available, then fewer women will risk their lives with coat hangers and we won't have the 50 million dead babies in the US since abortion became legal.

Motherhood by Choice, not Chance : Director: Dorothy Fadiman | Genre: Documentary |Produced In: 2000
Synopsis: Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance distills the history and power of the 2 ½ hour trilogy, From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond. Through first person stories, this documentary brings alive the history of the struggle for women's reproductive rights in the U.S. and the passion of those who moved abortion from the danger of the back alleys to a safe, legal choice. It includes information about current threats to those rights.

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