Feb 5, 2010

Video: Raising a hand for civility

Raising a hand for civility
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The silent killer of spiritual growth.

Why are we not saints yet?  Despite the many times that we've resolved to strive for perfection and turn away from selfishness, we seem to be stuck in a rut.  What is holding us back, this silent killer of spiritual growth?  

The classical spiritual writers call the culprit the predominant passion;  behavioral scientists call them pre-neurotic tendencies.  Bishop Eugene James Cuskelly in his book "A Heart to Know Thee" lists them below.  What we can do is pick out the one that suits us and check ourselves.  It's like a car that's veering to the side that needs to be pulled back constantly.

There a special examination of conscience just for this called the particular examen.  The bottom line, what is holding us from the love of Christ is the love of self.  And so I added the video "So long self"

Pride of SENSUALITY:  an inner cleverly concealed urge to pleasure.  When this tendency colors thought and action, the affections are inclined to run away with reason; pleasure of the senses attracts so strongly that the observance even of simple duties is neglected.  There is a strong romantic tone in the working of the imagination.  There may even be a pronounced tendency to affectionate gestures and facial expression, sometimes carrying over into soft and flattering speech;  it reaches a danger point when it develops into sensual friendship. 

Pride of TIMIDITY:  sometimes walks in the garb of humility.  As G.K. Chesterton said, “We are too proud to be prominent.”  Its worst effect is the vice of human respect.  Essentially self-centered, it broods in silence and lacks the power to confide in anyone.  It has too great a regard for the opinion of others, and a fearfulness of what others will think of possible failure.  It sometimes makes people omit the good they should do, or not avoid the evil they should avoid, only because of what others may think of them.  At times it makes one critical of others, branding them as “show-offs,” or making one say, “I could do much better,”  “I would never make that stupid blunder.”  It lacks the courage of a frontal attack. 

Pride of SENSITIVITY:  the world’s injured ones.  This pride causes them to detect insult and injury where they are never intended.  This tendency shows itself in what is properly called touchiness.  The person possessing it is generally kindly disposed toward all, but his temperature drops when his emotional nature is rebuffed.  Somewhat sentimental, the sensitive person cannot understand harder heads;  he may give room to jealousy when attention is paid to others rather than himself.  Easily wounded at the lack of response to his attentions, he has the tantrums of a child who seeks attention and does not find it.  Unstable, he is given to fits and starts in his enthusiasms. 

Pride of COMPLACENCY:  an exaggerated notion of one’s own excellence.  Ignoring the fact that God is the Author of all good in them, these people excuse their own failings; others are the cause of their shortcomings!  Day-dreamers, they conjure up triumphs in the world of their own imaginings, neglecting the job on hand.  Often they are boastful, and this is a way of concealing their own ignorance.  They show off by witty sayings and loquacity, playing the clown only to have the eyes of all focused upon them; then preen themselves on their prowess in sport, singing … anything. 

Pride of AUTHORITY:  a tendency to bossiness, the ambitious desire always to beat down the opposition in order to acquiesce in one’s own will and way.  Two of its chief manifestations are anger and stubbornness.  It has the character of bludgeoning others into the ways it has traced and will brook no delay in having its commands obeyed.  Those who possess this trait in marked degree are generally contemptuous of the opinions of others and do not hesitate to would their sensibilities.  Their audacity is not bravery but rashness to attain their ends, come what may.   Leadership, in itself a good thing, for them means domination.  Their zeal is generally zeal without knowledge and is imprudent.

Music video:  So long self.

Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpaMQ7PUfpU or click here

Well if I come across a little bit distant
It's just because I am
Things just seem to feel a little bit different
You understand

Believe it or not but life is not apparently
About me anyways
But I have met the One who really is worthy
So let me say

So long self
Well it's been fun, but I have found somebody else
So long self
There's just no room for two
So you are gonna have to move
So long self
Don't take this wrong but you are wrong for me farewell
Oh well, Goodbye, don't cry
So Long Self

Stop right there because I know what your thinking
But no we can't be friends
And even though I know your heart is breaking
This has to end

And come to think of it the blame for all of this
Simply falls on me
For wanting something more in life than all of this
Can't you see

Don't feel so bad (don't feel so bad)
There'll be better days (there'll be better days)
Don't go away mad (but by all means)
Just go away, go away

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