Feb 21, 2011

Stimulating lactation.

When the mother does not produce milk, you have other options besides buying formula. Formula is no match for mother’s milk because it does not have the anti-bodies, colostrums and natural proteins that will give your baby immunities and support the brain development better. It is the last resort, in my opinion.

There are pumps – manual and mechanical; however, I don’t think those were intended to stimulate production as much as to extract what is already there for whatever reason. It might be painful to have one’s breasts filled with milk.

The little secret or old wife’s tale that I wanted to share with you is the idea that you, the husband, can stimulate lactation. Note those key words to search for videos, images and articles later. You would need to latch on to the breast just as the infant would have done and suck the milk out with jaw and tongue movements. (I found graphics of this before but lost them. I’ll keep looking and update the post  later. But I wanted to get this idea out to start you off.) Also, you need to open your mouth to cover the dark area around the nipple – like doing a mouth to mouth resuscitation.

(If this post was useful, just a little prayer for my family and me. Thanks and God bless.)

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