Aug 5, 2009

Best to stand down to help Iranian protestors

Acc. to this article, it is best to stand down and do nothing to help the Iranians.

" Yet, doing nothing seems better than the alternatives. The millions of people in the streets of Teheran
and other cities protesting the fraudulent election testify to the fact that the regime is far from stable.
And, the one way to strengthen the regime is to appear that we are backing its opponents. It is
troublesome to think that we must sit by and do nothing. But, it is less trouble than strengthening
Ahmadinejad and his fellow thugs." ( Source )

And this seems to be confirmed from the chatter in Iran where one of the administration's talking points include the oppositions' collaboration with foreigners. Moreover, I saw videos where the ex-patriates seems not to want or expect a high-profile involvement from Westerners - like it would hurt their cause rather than help it. I'll bounce this to the Iranian sympathizers for confirmation.

For now, one can always pray.

More Macho to Heal than Kill

Whenever I write about Christians' love for enemies, I get feedback that questions my manliness - like I need to grow a pair. There had been 3 soldiers and 2 lawyers in my family tree, so the killer instinct runs through my blood. (The soldiers were with the Spanish Guardia Civil, the Resistance against the Japanese and the US Armny,.) And since I did not go to a junior seminary, I spent a few afternoons during my adolescent years trying to Kung-fu someone at the school backyard. I am now ashamed of what I have done and if I can do things over, I would walk away. So, I am not a wus nor am I gay. I want to be like Jesus; check him out then you'll get it.

Christians do not love their enemies as a cop out - like the "slave morality". Where I come from, Christians can obliterate all the Muslim villages because they have the upper hand and a rich uncle with lots of fire power. The government actually started an all out offensive with the war on terror after 9/11. (You do know that there are christians and there are Christians. Those who know Christ personally vs. those who take on the Christian culture.) That campaign stopped for whatever reason. After that, the real Christians went to the Muslim villages to rebuild homes and mosques and provide medical assistance.

Video source:
Other reference:

It takes more gumption to restrain oneself in the face of someone who hurt your own. It takes self-mastery to pay back with good. So, when Christians love their enemies, they go above and beyond the natural tendency for revenge; they do something "super" natural. That takes more strength and power - more "machismo".

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