Jun 15, 2010

Video: Pro-aborts' lies - plain & simple

If video fails, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOoJIQ_D1FE&feature=player_embedded

Why is Obama stuck on stupid?

"The big problem for the president is that the Gulf oil spill is his fourth major presidential mistake. The first big mistake was the $787-billion stimulus package. The second was the appeasement of thug dictators, Islamist and leftist. The third mistake was ObamaCare. The fourth is the Gulf. ... The horrifying thing is that we Americans can't afford all these mistakes. We can't afford a president stuck on stupid."

But he's stuck because that's all he has and that is all he knows.

"For President Obama and the liberals, their religion is a secular religion, and their faith is a secular faith. Their faith is a faith in politics and government to right the wrongs of the world. Despite the collapse of their faith with the fall of the Soviet Union and the embrace of capitalism in India and China, these bitter clingers still worship the idols of government programs and their own ethical superiority."

He needs to be open to new information, to listen, to learn and to change his liberal paradigm.  He needs to add new tools in his workbench because when all you have is a hammer, then everything else looks like a nail.  He needs to enrich his brain trust.  But Liberals have shown themselves to be incapable to doing such.  Read how and why this is so from source http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/06/mr_president_youre_stuck_on_st.html

Video: Is it just Muslims that blow up planes?

From the mouth of innocents,...

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