Jan 12, 2012

Imperfect but electable?

There's the meme that promotes Romney as an imperfect but electable nominee.  It is really dubious where that comes from as it could be from the opponent themselves.

It appears that Romney is a strawman in the making.  The Liberal media and everyone else backs off from knocking him now so that he will emerge as the GOP nominee.  Then as Obama has declared the election is going to be about class warfare and Romney is going to be knocked out as a silver spooned poster child of the uncaring and out of touch 1%.   

And given his track record, he is not that far from Obama.  So, if he does get elected, then the country is not that much better off because, he is Obama-lite.  But people really want anyone but Obama or Obama-lite for that matter.  So, Romney may not be really electable - as the media make him out to be.

Instead, why not go for the gold and take someone who does not speak from both sides of his mouth or flips flops to say whatever the hearers want to hear.  Sanctorum is a principled and honest person who is just as electable as any.
We don't really have to choose between two evils.  Why follow the scripts that the Liberals write for us?

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