Oct 31, 2009

Video: Marjorie Dannenfelser clears up lies on abortion and health care reform.

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Video description:
SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser clears up the story on abortion and health care reform. Contact your Senators today at www.sba-list.org/healthcare and tell them America doesn't want any government funded abortions, period!

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Video: Garbage Children of Cebu, Philippines & link to Salesian Missions

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6NHuggG6vU or click here

To help contact the Salesian Missions: http://www.salesianmissions.org/

Video Description:
The misery of those who bring up their children on the garbage tips is shocking. The sole ray of hope on this burning Phillipine garbage tip is the German priest, Heinz Kul√ľke. He is, in fact, a university professor of philosophy -- however his encounters with the garbage people have changed his life. He works tirelessly to help the garbage people, as well as the girls in Cebu's red light district.

Blog: Family Planning, Ecumenism, Witnessing, Chances (running out of)

Family Planning (Rated M for married )
"Are you sticky?"  I ask my wife.  That refers to her vaginal discharge that indicates her fertility.  If it's watery and clear then she's not fertile but when it's cloudy and thick then chances are she's fertile.  I also track her last menstrual period and temperature.  If she's hot, warmer than usual, then she may be fertile.  All these indicators allow me to prevent pregnancy the natural way.  There are 2 things here.  First, there must be a good reason to avoid pregnancy and secondly, it must be done the right way.  With 4 kids and her age, I think responsible parenthood requires me to stop.  The right way is natural i.e. no vasectomy, no pills, no coitus interuptus.  That's God way.  BTW, if you want more details I advice you not to rely solely on my sharing here.  There are sites that treat this topic in  Cf. www.usccb.org/prolife/issues/nfp/index.shtml

Ecumenism - the Return of the Anglicans and more
Remember the image of the wheel with the spokes?  The closer we move to the center, the closer we get to each other.  Compared to his predecessors, Pope Benedict XVI did not reach out as much as he reached in -  focused and stayed with the truth that has been handed down by the apostles.  That is what is attracting the other Christians whose churches have started to veer away from that heritage.  People of goodwill who want to remain in the truth are seeing the Catholic church as a stable institution that stays the course.  This is not to discount the work of Vatican II who paved the way for this reconciliation by recognizing elements of truth and goodness in them and acknowledging sincerity in their intentions.  So, our fidelity to the Truth is the greatest service that we can give our separated brethren and the world.

Witnessing to Jesus (not taught)
Correct me if I am wrong but I have seen my kids religion books and have taught Sunday school myself but do not recall any lesson about how to talk to others about Jesus.  I got those from ecclesial movements and charismatic prayer groups.  But the point is why do we not teach our children to evangelize others, to share the gift of faith in Jesus?

Chances (running out of)
I shall not pass this way again...
"I expect to pass through this world but once. 

Any good thing,therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show 
to any fellow human being let me do it now. 
Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

Stephen Grellet, 1773-1855
French-born Quaker Minister

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